Hotels Vs Vacation Rentals

Cabin Vacation Rental -9 BedroomsWhen a person thinks of booking a vacation, they imagine booking flights and a hotel. While this may be the traditional way to go, vacationers can enjoy other options. One of these options is a cabin vacation rental.

What is a Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental is a house or apartment which is rented out by its owner. These rentals are available on vacation rental websites.

All one needs to do to book one is to browse the website and find a suitable rental. If the rental is available on the right dates, the consumer can book it online.

Cabin Vacation Rentals Vs Hotels

Consumers may be wondering why they should book a vacation rental instead of a hotel. After all, one always knows what to expect with a hotel.

While this is true, the average hotel does not have much to offer travelers. In fact, in many cases a hotel is simply a room with an en-suite bathroom. Most hotels do not even have tea and coffee making facilities!

On the flip side, vacation rentals may offer some or all of the following facilities and amenities.

– A mini-fridge stocked with a small amount of drinks and food.
– Towels.
– Linen and blankets.
– Rainy day activities such as DVDs, books and board games.
– A flat screen television.
– A DVD player.
– Wifi access.
– A spa.
– Swimming pool.
– Full kitchen.
– Living area.

In short, a vacation rental is essentially a property that is leased out for short periods of time. Unlike hotels, they are spacious and comfortable.

When a consumer is booking a hotel, they will find that the hotel cannot accommodate more than 3 to 4 people per room. Even if it can, this arrangement will feel crowded and uncomfortable. As vacation rentals generally have more than one bedroom, several people can stay in the rental comfortably.

Another big benefit of choosing a vacation rental is location. In some areas, hotels are not located near local attractions. For instance, on ski resorts many hotels are located in the township. Those who book a ski-in, ski-out vacation rentals can be right on the snow.

How to Book a Vacation Rental Online

The simplest way to find a vacation rental is to go to a website that allows rental owners to list their property. Users can perform an advanced search which allows them to select a property that meets their criteria.

Next, consumers will have to check if their property is available on their dates and how much the rental costs. It is worth noting that rentals are more expensive on weekends and during holiday periods.

If all goes well, users can send a booking request to the owner of the property. When the owner accepts the booking, the user will be required to pay a deposit.

As most deposits are at least a couple of hundred dollars, vacationers need to exercise some caution. Choosing a reputable website will reduce the risk of getting caught up in an online scam considerably.


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